Sunday, April 18, 2010

LOG Pouch for May Crown comp (WoCOB)

At this very moment my current focus is on finishing a LOG pouch for the May Crown 2010 comp. Not because of the comp itself - that is just a convenient excuse for an ambitious deadline - but more because I made a 'pact' with someone that we would both make one.

I started just under a week ago and here are the progress pics so far. Enjoy! The stars are padded with bamboo wadding and are couched silver twist with silver purl in-fill. The deer is padded with 'honeybiscuit' felt from Canada. The antlers and hooves will both be in a more 'old gold' coloured gold twist couched down and the body is in quite a thick, bright-yellow-gold jap thread. All of it is couched down with Gutterman silk threads and the base is linen. The plan is to applique them onto red velvetine and make a purty pouch out of it all :) I will update pics when they become available - wish me luck with the deadline!

UPDATE - the finished product - yay! I made the deadline and my entry ended up winning its category - whoohoo! Done and dusted ;)

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