Sunday, April 18, 2010

Consortly Duty - A new gambeson for Jattz

So Festival 2010 was approaching with about 1 and a half months to go when Jattz (Jonathon of Loch Swan) comes up with a 'brilliant idea'. He orders and buys a terrible, white gambeson that is too small and made from synthetics made from synthetics with big plastic buttons and... eek! It was awful! So despite his protesting I decided I would make him a reeeeal gambeson. One made of real materials that would not easy-bake him and one that was at least moderately pretty.

I dragged him shopping and we ended up with black linen (55%) cotton (45%) blend material, bamboo wadding for the padded parts and some cute little shiny silver buttons. In two weeks I finished the gambeson, without having a pattern prior, and it worked without any major hitches. That amazed me so much because usually I make a total mess of clothing (particularly sleeves) without constant feedback and supervision from those who know better.

I also added a couple of 'brooke' touches to it by making a blue x yellow checked collar (from the Loch Swan heraldry) and a little swan in klosterstich and Bayeux stitch on the shoulder. I was going to make swan cuffs but was seriously running short on time with only a month to make 3 sets of garb for Festival so I had to abandon the original idea :( Poor swannies!

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