Saturday, January 23, 2010

Apprentice Baldric

This is my current project (well, at least the one I am trying to do over all others right now). It is an 'apprentice baldric' and was tasked on me by my laurel Mistress Mathilde. It has a green velvet base with padded goldwork - kind of a goldwork sampler.

The baldric is to go with my red brocade houpelande (sp?). It will be fringed with a bunch of silver bells (hoorah!). The design is adapted from an embroidered linen shirt, though it has been changed quite a bit. The motifs of acorns and central sunny splendour are to represent Mathilde and the feathers represent my proposed heraldry. I am fond of the acorns... aren't they so cuuuute? :P Isn't it great to be a walking billboard of owned-ness (lol - Georgia knows what Im talkin' 'bout!)

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